North Beach-West Maui Benefit Fund, Inc.


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The purposes of the organization as stated in the Articles of Incorporation filed on September 19, 2007 are as follows:

To make contributions for and administer designated improvement projects for the public benefit, including land acquisition, improvement of coastal resources, roadway improvements and other appropriate benefits of the North Beach-West Maui area and communities.

More specific purposes are:

  • Improvement projects, including land acquisition, for betterment, preservation, maintenance, and protection of ocean, reef, marine life, shoreline, dunes, parks, open spaces, roadways, parking facilities, Hawaiian cultural sites and practices, and recreational facilities of Ka'anapali North Beach and West Maui, thereby enhancing the natural beauty and public enjoyment of the West Maui region.

Methods of implementing such preservation, protection and betterment are by:

  • Increasing public awareness by study and public education
  • Acquiring land, easements or by other rights to preserve open space in its natural condition or placing capital improvements thereon to prevent destruction of the natural condition
  • Add amenities promoting public use and enjoyment of existing or acquired open spaces and private or public facilities in West Maui, including recognition of the history or cultural heritage of Hawai'i, in existing or acquired open spaces in West Maui
  • Fund raising and grant solicitation to implement preservation and betterment projects
  • Studying and seeking alternatives to those aspects of proposed private or public development projects which derogate existing open spaces, views and view corridors, shoreline conditions, dunes, natural or native landscapes, ocean quality, beaches, reefs, marine life, public access trails, roadways and parking, private or public parks, Hawaiian history and culture, or infrastructure including traffic, air, waste control, drainage, water, electricity, transportation, or health, fire, and safety public services.


Bianca Isaki, President
Claire Daoang, Treasurer
Linda Nye, Secretary
Chris Rabang, Director

North Beach West Maui Benefit Fund, Inc.

P O BOX 11329
LAHAINA, Hawaii 96761